Stretford Socials: Saturday 1st June 12-4pm

This June we will be hosting a Stretford Socials for the history books. In addition to the usual line up of independent traders and family fun, the community will be flocking to the polling stations to vote for their finalist from the Name the Square campaign. 

Stretford Socials: Saturday 1st June 12-4pm

The Stretfest | Saturday 6th July

14 June 2024

The first-ever ‘The StretFest’, a free, neighbourhood-wide festival, is set to transform Stretford on Saturday, 6th July 2024.

Stretford Socials: Saturday 4th May

04 May 2024

Join us for this month's Stretford Socials on Saturday 4th May, where we're launching our community initiative to name the new square in the heart of the town centre.